Ticket Halifax

Ticket Halifax is The Coast’s online ticketing portal selling tickets to over 1,200 different events in 2018. We provide event producers with advanced features, industry expertise and a full-service customer service team with a local box office, while helping you promote your event and sell more tickets through The Coast. Our competitive fees are typically passed to the customer and there are no hidden costs to you to use our system. We have a deep understanding of what is happening in the Halifax event space and how we can create a unique experience.

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  • Promotional block included on the weekly Ticket Halifax ad in print and on the weekly Sure Thing newsletter.
  • Additional advertising available at a discount for all Ticket Halifax partners
  • Low user-paid service fees
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“We recently hosted an event in the city and sold the tickets through Ticket Halifax. It was really great for us - it saved us so much time and energy.”

Bakes Mitchell

Ticketing details

  • Settlement every Tuesday. Settlement is for completed shows and does not include pre-sale ticket revenue. Settlement is done either by an electronic fund transfer or cheque.
  • Back end access for promoter to manage promotional codes, pull tickets and see real time sales reports.
  • Downloadable CSV files are available to download sales reports which include buyer name, email and address.
  • Full phone and email customer service from 9am-11pm. Box office hours at The Coast office for walk up sales, 9-5pm, Mon-Fri.
  • Downloadable scanner software for iOS devices available in iTunes store. Extra scanners available on request.
  • Consignment and comp tickets are .20 a ticket to print out to a maximum of 20 tickets, per show. (Additional comp tickets available, fees applied)
  • Ready-made box office (laptop, wi-fi booster and ticket printer) available to rent on request.
visit tickethalifax.com